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Our programming is growing in Boston.  During this crisis period we are developing and producing programs that are virtual and online while we put our in-person events on hold.  We are creating Topic Clusters that are important to our current and prospective members and there is a thirst for learning.  

If you are interested in sharing your thought leadership with our 900+ Private Company Owners, Board Directors, C-Suite Executives, Shareholder Representatives, Family Office/Business Leaders, PE/VC Leaders, and Fiduciaries, and our local PDA Boston Chapter Community, please apply below. 

Please Apply In the Form Below.  All Answers will be kept confidential.  We do not sell lists or share contact information.  By filling out the form below, you will be placed on our mailing list for speakers and news.  We will contact you within one week of submitting your request. 

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We understand that we have emerging/aspiring people, in addition to experienced board members. Not to Worry.
We understand that we have emerging/aspiring people, in addition to experienced board members. Not to Worry.
Please Describe the Topic and Title, The intended Audience, The compelling, unique ides of value to the audience and other thoughts you have.

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We appreciate your sharing your perspectives and thoughts that would be of interest to our community.

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