PDA Director's Peer Exchange and Affinity Group Survey

...Another PDA Member Service Offering

Hello PDA Member.  Thank you for taking the time to help us create a new member service, The PDA Director’s Peer Exchange.  

The Private Directors Association (PDA) has close to 900 members on a National Basis.  Feedback from our membership indicates that many of us have challenges, problems, or opportunities where we would like to expand our network and dialogue with our peers in the PDA.

Presenting the PDA – Director’s Peer Exchange.  This is a member only program that provides monthly, open dialogue, networking and problem solving, for  “Affinity” group sub-segments of the whole membership.  One natural way to segment Directors and Business Owners PDA members into Affinity Groups is based on the Private Company ownership types, and the boards they serve such as: Family Businesses, Owner/Founder Led, PE/Venture Owned, Employee-Owned/ESOP, or Large Partnerships/Mutuals.  These examples are just a starting point for potential Affinity Groups.  There may be other example Affinity Groups (Topical Areas) that are valuable to us such as Private Company Governance and Board Best Practices, Board Diversity, Board Psychology, Ownership and Leadership Succession & Planning, Industry Verticals (Construction, Finance, Retail, Services, etc), Chair Only Groups, Majority Owner Groups, among others. 

With your help and feedback, we can figure out the most interesting and attractive Affinity Groups to initiate across our membership and focus on those issues most important to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to David A. Rosen, President & Founder, PDA Boston Chapter at david.rosen@acrelicgroup.com or 617-564-0001.

This is a FOUR (4) Part Survey that should take between 5-10 minutes to complete.   Your support here will greatly improve our member services.  Thank you for your time.

Part 1. Personal Profile

We are excited to Begin this New Program from PDA, The Director's Peer Exchange. Its meant to bring PDA members together in "Peer" Groups to Share Concerns, Issues, Goals, and Problems with People Who have similar responsibilities and experience. Hopefully an environment of peers helping to solve problems, discover resolutions, and sound board ideas will make a difference.
Please tell us the Chapter you are currently affiliated with.

Part 2. Directors Peer Exchange - Peer Group Interests

Help Us Understand Where Meeting With PDA Peers from across the country is appealing to you in your personal or professional lives.
0. NO INTEREST TODAY#1 Best#2#3#4#5
Board & Governance Best Practices
Board Diversity
Board Psychology
Business Owner Only Group
CEO Only Group
C-Suite Only
Family Business
Family Offices
Large Partnerships/Mutuals
Majority Investor Owner Group
Owner/Founder Led Business
Ownership Transitions, Succession, & Strategic Planning
PE/Venture Owned
Please add your thoughts where you think opportunities Could be Created.

Part 3. PDA Member Experience Perspective

Please tell us about your Experience with the PDA and tell us how we are doing.
Not at all Likely Extremely Likely
Very UnsatisfiedUnsatisfiedSatisfiedVery Satisfied
Receiving Value from your Membership
Delivering Quality Programming
Local Chapter Engagement and Value
Networking Growth
Director's Development Program
Improving your Board Caliber
Matching your Desire to Mentor & Give-Back
Only One Choice Per Row.
Any feedback is good feedback.
1 Star is Not Really Valuable. 10 Stars is Amazingly Valuable. Thank you.

Part 4. Last Section: PDA Member Background and Involvement

We believe that to improve the matching of peers, we should understand more about the level and type of experience of our members in boards and board roles. By connecting your experience with your answers, we can better create Affinity Group objectives and better connect with our Members Needs, Goals, and Experiences.
0 Boards1-5 Boards6-10 Boards10+ Boards
All Boards Private & Public
Private - Family Business/Office
Private - Owner/Founder Led
Private - PE/Venture Owned
Private - Employee-Owned/ESOP
Private - Mutual/Partnership
Public Companies
PDA support both emerging and experienced board members. We focus on accelerating value of boards, board members of Private Companies and recognize that our members have broader experience.
0 Boards1-5 Boards6-10 Boards10+ Boards
Board Chair
Board Advisor
Independent Board Director
Family Board Member
PDA support both emerging and experienced board members. We focus on accelerating value of boards, board members of Private Companies and recognize that our members have broader experience.
Please Check all the boxes of those chapters you would visit, Have an interest, and stay involved in
Please tell us all the areas where you would like to explore further involvement. No Commitments, just for assessing a fit with our needs.